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🔥Summer Deal

HighOh Overnight Pads Kit

$29.99 (25% OFF!)

Enjoy the smoothest texture of pads in the world. Carefully sewn, these large flow pads will let you feel comfortable all day long.

🔥Hottest Selling Products

HighOh Period Starter Kit



Need to save more money? Our Period Starter Kit helps you to save thousands of dollars over a period of 3 to 5 years! That is what we call smart-buying

HighOh Heat Corn Pad



True 100% handsewn by Women In Need in the USA. Everything comes from the United States of America. Yes! Even our corn is from Virginia!

HighOh 4 Inch Boob Tapes Kit



No more boobie blues with our HighOh boob tapes. Trust us. Whatever size you have, these baddies will hold up your beautiful bosoms for more than 12 hours!

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