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4 Myths About Periods

There are always creative rumors in regards to women and
 their mysterious monthly female problems, Menstruation or Period.

Let’s analyse the actual truth behind these myths.

1) Swimming in the ocean will get you eaten by sharks.

Dr. Chris Lowe the head of California State University,
Long Beach’s Shark Lab  says, “The amount of blood that is produced during menstruation is too small for sharks to detect.

2) You cannot get pregnant.

I’m sorry ladies, but you can get pregnant (if you’re sexually active) even during your period. Sperms can live for up to 5 days inside you. If your ovulation day occurs during or soon after your bleeding phase then – congratulations, I guess!

3) Menstrual blood is different from normal blood.

 Menstrual blood is regular blood ; except that it flows out of the vagina. However, the thickness of the blood may change depending on the day of your cycle, the food you eat and hormone levels.

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4) A tampon can get lost inside your vagina.

You’d be thankful to know that your vagina is not a black hole and nothing can get lost in it! 🙂

But, be careful not to forget to remove your tampon. 

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