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4 Travel Essentials That Will Blow Your Mind!

I’m sure most of you would have your holidays booked and are all ready to go! Here are some essential items and hacks that you never knew you needed:

1) Wet wipes/hand sanitizer.

This is a must-have item in every travel bag! Hostels and public transportations aren’t exactly the cleanest places you’ll visit…And sinks may not be readily available in some countries. What’s more, you never know when you need to have a wipe-down in case of a spillage situation.

P.S: You may even want to swap the wet wipes out for make-up removal wipes if you can bear the splurge (since make-up remover wipes usually cost more), but it saves you the hassle of bringing x2 wipes or other cleansing products!

2) Period Kit.

While most people don’t have the habit of using a panty liner, it might be a good idea to use it on a holiday.

Since we often try to pack light on holidays, panty liners help us get more use out of each panty before requiring a change. As it acts as a barrier between your feminine parts and your underwear, it helps absorb the natural musk / odour as well as the occasional discharge that our body produces, making it more hygienic to wear the same underwear again!

A personal habit of ours is to bring reusable period cloth underwear when we travel. Trust us on this. 

We remember exactly what happened when we travelled to Australia. We were in the midst of nowhere and we couldn’t find the restroom. Fortunately, we were wearing our period panties. (We always have extra period panties with us).

Without our period panties, we have no idea how to dispose disposable pads.

3) Emergency Kit

From plasters to painkillers, always remember to have a small pouch for an emergency kit. The last thing you would want is to be in pain for hours during your holiday season.

Paracetamol is a painkiller that can be used to treat pain (headaches, toothache, sprains etc), as well as reduce a high temperature. Commonly not known is that the average Panadol is able to serve as a menstrual cramp relief as well. While you may assume that the pink pill is more effective for menstrual cramps, you’d be surprised that both types of pills contain the same ingredient – paracetamol, the key factor helping to reduce the pain.

The only difference is that the pink pill contains pamabrom, which helps reduce bloating or other forms of water-retention related problems, which can be easily solved with the right tea or food.

So instead of packing many different kind of painkillers, simply pack a 1-fits-all, but not forgetting other personal medication (eg inhalers) that you need!

4) Present Moment

What’s the best way to have a good time on vacation?

Relax and enjoy yourself. While it sounds easy enough, there are many things we forget when going through our hectic routines back home or even before setting out for an adventure abroad- such as having fun!

The more stressed you feel in your daily life at work/school etc., then chances are that this will also translate into being stressful while traveling too which isn’t exactly what any person wants during their getaway period from reality (even if just temporarily).

Relax and be at the present moment.

That’s it for now for the little hacks to travelling!

Stay tuned for more!

And no worries even if you’re not travelling this holiday, this handy guide is here to stick around for any of your future travels, so go ahead to bookmark this page for easy reference!

Happy travels and stay safe!

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