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Who We Are

We are sisters from a poor financial background, our finances were very tight and we have had always this problem: spending extra money on women’s needs.

We hate that. When we build a product, we look to re-think how we can do it better, solving our women’s needs in the most affordable way. As we are a pair of sisters who are from a poor financial background, we work day and night with our family to design the most affordable and self-love women’s needs products for all ages.

After 3 years later, and with trademarks patented, Period Starter Kit and HighOh Medical Boob Tape were born. Some call it ‘game-changing’ but we just want to build products we are proud of, that we love and use every day, which ultimately, create less waste for the planet.

Our Story

HighOh Philosophy

My sister and I believe that women only get better, happier and more beautiful with age.

No matter how many diets or exercise routines you may try to look and feel more seductive, sensual, sexy and confident in your body, they won’t matter if you are ignoring the most important key.

Self-love. Adoration. Appreciation. Self-worth. My sister and I truly believe in being at the present moment and take full responsibility in taking care of oneself.

Our value is innate. Our attractiveness is, too. Here at HighOh, we believe that you are unique and beautiful at every age. We encourage you to see yourself that way too.

The Sensuality Revolution

Since the dawn of the feminist movement, women have had more rights and opportunities. And women have proven that they can do it all, have it all and compete and succeed in a predominantly masculine world.

However, with more options comes more choices. And with more choices, there are more decisions to be made. The downside of which can lead to overwhelm. 

We tend to care for people who are around us and yet, ignoring ourselves. That is why my sister and I created this worldwide movement to encourage women to recognize their own value and see that we are all beautiful, exactly the way that we are.

At HighOh, we are building a global community of women who are part of the Sensuality Revolution. We are creating a larger cultural understanding that as we age we become happier, healthier, wiser and more authentically ourselves. Embracing ourselves in every way.

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