Ranting about piles of papers, assignments, and lack of free time? 

Moreover, let me tell you a secret. My sister is so much smarter than me. Always the one who got things done first and top student of class. I am always catching up to her brilliance. There are days when we’re too down that all we want to do is curl up in bed or watch TV. Whenever I looked at my sister, these questions always appear in my head:

”How is it that she always looks so good? She slept at 3am last night!”

” Wait…isn’t she on her period? Doesn’t she has cramps?”

” How does she get all the things done so fast?!”

It’s why my sister and I came out with these hacks to help you ace in school. Afterall, what are sisters for?

Finally, the secrets are out:


Look. We get it. Your friends are excelling in EVERYTHING. 

Yet, you are here trying to catch up. Yet, you forgot the number 1 rule in ALL SCHOOL. The whole idea is to be an A student. This means that all you need to focus on are things that give you As.

A project that does not count into your finals?  SKIP!

Extra classes just see your crush?  SKIP! 

Steward your time and effort wisely.

 Everything you do, think and behave is to focus on getting As or GPA of 4.0.

Once you start focusing, you will flow accordingly.


Period Starter Kit

# 1 most popular product! Replace your entire period pads with these period pads.

Period Panties Kit

Having a long lecture? Our panties hold up to 4 tampons worth of blood!


Ever remember the days in which your water bottle is not screwed tightly and it leaks out of your bag? Or worse, the paint in your bag seeps into your laptop and ruins everything.

I have. In the end, I got a D for my paper because I couldn’t submit on time due to this incident.

Never underestimate the power of wetbags. I remember my sister used to carry our very own version of a wetbag and she kept her liquid makeup in it. It would keep all her notes safe, no leaks! 

My sister and I used to take swimming classes together. After class, my sister always put on dry clothes while I just hung out naked under this huge blowdryer – how stupid did I feel then?


Even when I use a period tracker app, my period rarely arrives on the exact day she’s supposed to. It’s not like there are any trains that can guarantee her arrival time! 

Who knows what time of day she’ll finally make her presence known? Before we knows it, we have leaks on our clothes and we are the topic of the year. 

Trust us. It happened to us. ( when we were 13! )

Busy day? Wear a pair of period underwear just in case she arrives. To avoid constantly running to the bathroom to check. It saves time and effort too!


Hear more of our embarrassing moment:

HighOh 3-in-1 Lashliners

Get the all natural
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eye look in
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HACK #4 : Flutter your lashes
to your As

We get it. 

We didn’t think this would be so efficient when we were in school.

How much time do you spend doing your hair or putting on lip gloss? 

Our lashliners will help keep up with the demands on time. No more worries about makeup running when it rains! 

Now, you can focus on completing assignments while looking gorgeous still! The best part?

There’s no need for touchups – so say goodbye to wasted hours sitting at home trying not mess up false lashes.

Even better, learn how to use our 3-in-1 Lashliners in less than a minute:


That’s it! You’re ready to head out the door and thrash those assignments and papers.

Always remember to take notes, focus and never give up!

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