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Does Using a Toilet Seat Cover Really Protect You From Anything?

To hover, or to cover? Let’s investigate.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But is that thin toilet-seat-shaped sheet of paper enough to protect you from whatever lurks on the seat itself? We hate to break it to you, using that cover or toilet paper is a complete waste of time and paper.

Let’s start by looking at the toilet itself. Do you dare to use toilet paper and wipe it on your face? If not, why? Ah ha! So, you know the truth!

What about your butt? More specifically, the skin on your butt which, like the rest of your skin, is designed as an excellent barrier against microorganisms. This means that even if disease-causing bacteria like E. coli were lingering on the toilet seat, it’s highly unlikely they’ll find a way to enter your body so long as you don’t have an open sore or cut on your butt cheek (if you do have an open sore on your butt cheek, we recommend visiting the doctor).

Afraid of bacteria? Our wetbag makes sure there is no leakage and odor of any sort. Keeping everything else clean and hygienic. 

Most important of all, that flimsy paper toilet seat cover is probably swarming with more bacteria than the toilet seat itself. A test conducted by University of Leeds microbiology professor Mark Wilcox, concluded that an open-lid flush can fire tiny fecal particles up to 10 inches out of the bowl, after which they’ll float around the bathroom and land on anything in the vicinity — including the toilet seat cover hanging limply from its dispenser. 

If you’re really concerned about contracting something from the public bathroom, your best defense against bacteria is simply washing your hands. Your butt, however, can take care of itself.

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