HighOh Pads Business Partner

A Thank You Note 

HighOh would like to thank you for supporting our small family business. In this crucial time, coronavirus pandemic, many people lost their jobs and remained unemployed. We decided to hire them to help them out.  Most of our colleagues in our business partner company have little or zero education. Most of our tailors are married and they have a family. By purchasing HighOh pads, you are actually providing jobs and incomes for them so that they are able to survive and feed their family. We hope you would continue to support our small family business brand. 

Our Tailors Origins

Established in 2003, our tailors of reusable pads have years of unrivalled experience in tailoring, researching, developing, producing and sales transaction. Our tailors are so expert in manufacturing that they supply over 300 colors/prints of high quality at very low wholesale prices to customers who come from the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Austria, Finland, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and so on, totaling over 50 countries worldwide.
From concept to production, no process is overlooked. Multiple tests are conducted to check for quality, consistency and defects. The interiors of each pads are also carefully stitched with soft and durable fabrics to help you transform chaos into ease.
In order to ensure high quality of our products, we established a strict quality supervision system and our reusable pads passed SGS Certificate. They are non-toxic, lead free, formaldehyde free and safe enough for your usage.

Our Secrets

As my sister and I created our very own LEAK-PROOF TECHNOLOGY© and secret sewing methods, we impart our knowledge to our tailors to ensure all of your pads are of high quality and well-made. We have a total of 3 inspection companies to inspect every single pads and wetbag. Watch the video below to know why we are decided to impart of our knowledge to the tailors. In this video, we explained why we are working with Amazon as well.

Our Process

Tailor Inspection Unit

HighOh Private Inspection Unit 

Amazon Inspection Unit


Our 3-inch Boob Tape Kits are on the way to our warehouse. They are still in backorder. The latest date will be around 11th March.