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This Season:

This season, my sister and I are donating masks to people in need in Thailand. We are donating to a hospital in Thailand.

In CNA news, it is reported that there is a massive number of people in Thailand dying due to coronavirus. Some are so poor that they do not have the money to purchase the vaccine.

There is a saying – Prevention is better than cure. So, HighOh decided to donate masks to people in need. 

Each kit comes with 3  reusable masks.

We manage to contact a friend, TIdarat, in Thailand who helped us donate reusable masks to them. 

To know more about our donation, watch the video below:

To support #HighOhBattleFund,
we donate 1USD with every set
of HighOh products
you purchased!

By purchasing our HighOh products,
you are actually donating to ladies in need!

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