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How to sweat lesser after a workout

The changing room is a place where people go to change clothes after working out. It’s not the most pleasant experience, and it can make you really uncomfortable because of how sweaty or humid it gets in there sometimes! Don’t worry, there are ways to keep your body from sweating like crazy.

1) Water is your best friend.

Sweating is actually healthy, but if you’re not sweating much while exercising then drink more water. Hydration holds sweat at bay long enough to not soak through our clothes with this natural release of toxins from your body!

2) Ice ice is gone!

The main thing is getting the temperature of your shower right. You don’t need an ice bath.Try lukewarm shower. Why though? It’s simple: You sweat when your internal thermostat perceives the outside temperature as notably warmer than your body. If you spend five minutes freezing yourself, your body will register the locker room as being overly warm in comparison, and start sweating to cool you down. If your shower is at room temperature, you’ll sweat less when you step out. Patting dry with your towel rather than rubbing dry also helps you cool down, as it involves less friction.

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3) Period Sweat? Eww...

Another reason why women sweat so much more during workout is due to their lingerie. Exercising in plastic, thick pads will definitely result in period stains and the dreaded “perky-pressy” feeling that makes you want take off all your clothes right away! Wear light fabric with breathable fabrics like nylon or cotton for less uncomfortable sweating while still protecting yourself from leaks when exercising.

My sister and I hope these tips actually help you to sweat lesser and enjoy a breezy day!

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