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(Post 3 Inch) Selling Hundreds of Period Starter Kit Everyday

Selling Hundreds of Period Starter Kits Everyday!

Every lady has their own story and we listen to them.  Ladies ages from 18 to even 70s are purchasing our pads. Our pads are also helping ladies with incontinence issues.

Period Starter Kit


Every woman looks her best when she’s happy. For that reason, our Period Starter Kit is designed to reduce menstrual cramps. 

Keeping you comfortable and fresh all day long. With our reusable pads, you can save tons of money with them.

Panty Liners Kit


Having sudden discharge? Still see spotting on your panties? 

With the world's thinnest panty liners, HighOh makes sure that even when you are having scant flow or spotting, we are here to back you up.

3 Inch Boob Tape


Each boob tape roll (around 3 inches x 16.5 feet) are super stick yet gentle to ensure that your breasts will always be secured in place all the time. Guaranteed to last for more than 12 hours. 


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