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(Post 4) Science agrees with us (on health..)

Science Agree With Us (On Health...)

For years, we have been saying that if you want to look beautiful on the outside, you have to feel beautiful on the inside.

All that beauty comes from within. You have to be healthy and happy from within.


Now, Science is agreeing with us!

Here are some science facts when you are  using disposable pads and improper lingerie.


FACT#1: Chemicals and more bleach!

Disposable feminine hygiene products contain chemicals and pesticides that aren’t good for your body. It’s uncertain what exactly they are because companies in the USA aren’t required to disclose ingredients.

This is because pads and tampons are considered “medical devices.”

The chemical cocktail content (dioxin, furan, pesticides and other endocrine disruptors) comes from the cotton used in them and the chemicals from the manufacturing process. 

Women’s Voices for the Earth tested P&G’s Always pads, it found the sanitary napkins emitted chemicals, like styrene, chloroethane and chloroform.

FACT#2: Massively reducing menstrual cramps.

If you suffer intense pain during your period and are using disposables, consider using alternatives like cloth pads.

Disposable pads also use plastics, which block airflow to your vagina, and not surprisingly, can encourage a painful rash.

Disposables pads also use plastics which are super-absorbent, but will also absorb all the moisture in your vagina, increasing your chances of severe pain and infections — especially if you are wearing one for hours, all day, all week. 

FACT#3: Wearing a wrong type of bra.

Oh yes, that pain you feel in your neck, and that chafing on your shoulders? That’s because your type of bra is wrong for you.

Larger cup size bras are typically designed with thicker straps to disperse weight across your shoulder and prevent chafing or indentation.

This strain from shoulder can go up to the neck, which can cause severe pain. It is one of the most common and more serious effects of wearing the wrong type of bra.

If you are not able to decide which type of bra to wear, we always offer boob tapes!