It’s officially summer! We are so excited for this time of year, especially THIS summer in which we will have our LARGEST restock ever. This will keep us ALL stocked to our tatas content with Boob tapes and menstrual panties. If you’ve been sticking with us from the beginning? Thank YOU for your continued support by purchasing some new boob tape or panties today!!!

This is a huge announcement because it means not only can people find their perfect bra size but they’ll also be able to fill out those underwear drawers too!

We at HighOh are here to support you, no matter what! I will wait for your new inventory and meanwhile get ready with one of our products or any other goodies from the store.

We’re all about being yourself – whether that’s in a bikini top or an evening gown. We want customers feel fabulous when they shop – so come by soon because we can’t wait until you find something perfect!

The summer is finally here and there’s no place we rather be than the beach, with my family. The hot sun beats down on me as it reflects off of all the water that surrounds us – but at least we have our shade tents! When you’re by the pool or in an ocean breeze…you need a boob tape like HighOh to match your outfit every time

@Sheyla Nicole

Alright, so you just can’t take a break from this heat. Believe me we understand and that’s why HighOh was created! You heard me RIGHT-boob tape is WATER RESISTANT! This means whether it be the summer or winter months…you can still swim with it on. Yep yep ….even when you are in those cool waters too (bring out them scandalous suits!) In addition to being water resistant; Boob tape also comes pre trimmed for all of our favorite bathing suit styles making sure they are comfortable both while swimming AND tanning. 

No more tugging, no more sweaty bands digging into your back and/or shoulders. No need to shift your breast (and risk sweating yourself out) as you sweat away in the middle of summer at work or for that big event coming up!

Why should you?!

No matter what kind of outfit or special occasion it may be; don’t forget about comfort when looking for a bra.

@Brit Brat

So, with that being said… Here are a few pieces our #highohsquad sisters are wearing our boob tape with this summer (just for some lift reference and cut/trim potential), so you all can get a realistic Idea of what’s possible! With HighOh Boob tape there really isn’t one application style that fits all fits, so make sure you adjust your application accordingly. You can always check our YouTube/Website for different methods of application or simply shoot us a message and we’ll gladly help you out.

We genuinely WANT you to enjoy the freedom and comfort we have to offer! We are SO looking forward to getting this restock and getting you all set for what we hope is…a fantastic, memorable Summer! Thank you again for your support, as we proudly offer you ours.  



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