How To Use and Wash Your Pads:

**Make Sure You Watch These Videos Till The End!**

As we got your back everytime, we want to offer you a LIFE-TIME WARRANTY for your reusable menstrual pads!

If your pads are damaged or torn at ANY point of the time, we will replace a NEW KIT ENTIRELY FOR FREE!

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Our Customers Who Bought Our LIFE-TIME Warranty Are Saying..

I am so fortunate that I purchased the warranty. I purchased the medium flow kit 2 years ago and the zip of the wetbag was spoiled. They replace the old kit with a new kit entirely! TWICE!
My boyfriend told me to get the warranty so that just in case, if anything happens, i can get a new set for free. Lucky me!
Prevention is better than cure. At first, I thought I do not need the warranty. But because of it, I am 100% sure my product is being assured at anytime.