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Your Blood Screams For Freedom!

One of my earliest memories of my period is lying on the floor of the girl’s bathroom crying hysterically because my cramps were so bad. My mom knew exactly what to do now that it was “my time of the month” (her words, not mine).

A ton of over-the-counter painkillers and a hot water balloon later, I was cured: I could move without wincing in pain, and make the necessary trips to the bathroom to change my pad without wishing for sweet death. As years goes by, my sister and I looked for different alternatives to handle menstrual cramps.

During that research, I stumbled upon the concept of free-bleeding. Like most things, I can’t remember exactly where I first heard of it, but I do remember taking it more seriously after badass runner Kiran Gandhi free-bled during a marathon. At the time, I considered myself a baby feminist (shout-out to CYG) and thought the idea of free-bleeding was something reserved for white feminists who shoved #FreeTheNipple down everyone’s throats.

What is free bleeding? Free bleeding is exactly what it sounds like. It’s going through your period without the use of menstrual products — literally going with the flow.

It turns out there are 3 benefits in free bleeding:

Benefit 1 : Hello to dry and comfort!

Pads tend to feel like wet diapers. Even on heavier days and during a 5k run, things felt dry and comfortable. HighOh panties uses micro technology that soaks up the blood without creating an overly moist environment. 

Benefit 2 : No. More. Health Problems.

No more anxiety about leaks, running low on disposable tampons/pads, toxic shock syndrome (TSS), toxins and chemicals in menstrual products or ruining your favorite underwear.

Our period starter kit is all-natural materials with NO chemicals.Best part? Just wash and reuse them again. No more running low on pads!

Benefit 3 : Save Money Like A Rich B*tch!

Tampons are expensive — especially in the States. Switching to reusable underwear (reusable pads work, too!) will be a bit of an investment up front, but you may never have to stock up on tampons or pads again.

For ladies who have heavy flow, we got your back! We have HighOh overnight pads kit. A kit which helps you to sleep peacefully with no leaks and stains on your bedsheet!

Have you ever tried free bleeding? Let us know your experience down below!

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